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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Life's Constant: Change

Life is full of change,
so let's sit back and enjoy the ride!

There is an old saying that keeps my feet on the ground and helps me adapt when the unexpected comes my way, and that is, “The only constant in life is change”.   Well, that has certainly been the case in the Bradfield household! Two precious babies…a great-granddaughter and a great-niece…have made their arrivals; our daughter has married the love of her life; a friend’s child has been laid to rest; and lessons have been learned through it all. The example of a 12 year old whose life was taken all too soon is well worth setting forth here: love with all your heart, then tell those you love that you love them; grab each moment of life & capture all you can from it; smile…a lot; run through the halls laughing; anticipate the needs of others and ACT on them; spread joy to all who know you.   

Tell those dear to you that you love them!
   Life as we know it has continued to evolve, and the adventure – though different – continues! As I have mentioned before, Gary has been self-employed for years, and we have relied on my employment for insurance coverage and other benefits. Since I am no longer working due to health concerns, we have been praying for provision, trusting God for all we need. Recently, someone who has been praying for my health and well-being asked me how they could pray specifically for Gary, and I replied that we are simply asking God for work.

Within hours, Gary received a call asking him to consider going to work full-time for a company as the Facilities and Maintenance Supervisor…a position that would utilize his remodeling skills and talents and provide the security, stability, and benefits package we need. Since this offer was totally unsolicited, we knew it to be an answer to prayer. Though it will take a move of faith on our part in that we will be relocating to a new community, Gary eagerly accepted the position, knowing that God will take care of all the details. Now all we are asking is for God to bring us a buyer for our home, and to direct us to just the right home in the community to which we will be relocating. It is wonderful to see how God continues to move in our lives. He has proven Himself faithful time after time, and we have no doubts He will do so again.

I am happy to say that am finally off my super-restricted diet and am now on a restricted diet (sans the “super” delineator), much to the complete delight of my culinary palate.  Who knew that so many delicious foods could be enjoyed on a restricted diet? I read a post on someone else’s blog site that said that it is bondage not to be able to eat whatever we want, and that making such a huge lifestyle change is not worth the trouble. I totally disagree! To live a full life of good health is so important to me that I read labels on everything before I buy, and even check and double-check the items I have in my pantry BEFORE I put a single morsel of any of it into my body. I am learning much about the importance of finding hidden gluten, dairy, and refined sugars, knowing that if I miss them and ingest any of it, I am going to be really sick. I’ve been there, done that, and I don’t want to do it again!

Getting the house ready to sell has taken up some of my time and energy, but I have managed to try out new recipes. The time spent in the kitchen has been a mixture of fun and frustration, but I must say that it has been more fun than frustrating.  I am pretty picky, so I have Gary taste everything for me; for him to give me thumbs down on something means it is really bad, and, I will admit, some have been awful disasters that ended up in the trash. BUT others have been a terrific success, and it is with delight that I share them here. So check out my “Favorite Recipes” page and try some of these out…you’ll be glad you did!

Until next time,

Kathie Lea